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Motivational Talks

As well as being pretty good at mosaicking, I am also an accomplished public speaker. Sharing stories is something I love to do, and if you want to hear all about my street art adventures, how I got into making mosaics and how its enabled me to grow in confidence, then you can book me now. My tales lift the spirits of my audiences and promote a sense of purpose and boldness in them. 

The talks I give are not limited to adult audiences. The mosaics that I created and hid around Southampton have delighted both young and old, and hunting for them has become a favourite activity for many. If you know children, local to Southampton, who would enjoy hearing about how I’ve been able to leave a powerful mark on the city and those who live in it, then please get in touch a book me for a visit.

Corporate Squoji ™ Treasure Hunts

If you are looking for something fun and different to let your staff know that you value them, why not let me run a Squoji™ treasure hunt for the them?

Squoji’s are small square emojis that I have, until now, been hiding around the city of Southampton…and people have been scrambling over each other to find them. Commissioning a private treasure hunt for your colleagues is a great way of getting them motivated, channelling their natural competitiveness and leaving them the owners of a prize artifacts!

The Squoji ™ Hall of Fame

I’ve run a lot of different treasure hunts in and around Southampton, here’s a few of the excited winners. Who knows… you could be next?

Each custom-made squoji costs £50. If you want me to run the hunt then costs starts at £300 depending on location. I will also provide comedy certificates for some of the winners. 

Additionally, Squojis are ideal gifts for clients and for long-serving or outstanding employees. 

Organise a Squoji™ Treasure Hunt for your business

For a business hunt, I will provide as many Squoji’s as you need, and I can make them as close to your company colours as possible. The hunt can be run the hunt on your business property, or at a local green space (you might even want to incorporate it into a company picnic?)

Take a look at my works in progress!

If you want to get in touch or see more of my work, then the links to my Instagram, Facebook page and email are all alive and kicking.

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