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Mosaic Treasure Hunts

Meet the Squojis™

Meet the Squojis™ (Skwo-gees). The what-jis? Squojis™, are a cross between a square and an emoji, and they are hidden all over the place. Every now and again I announce a ‘Squoji Hunt’ and post the meeting place on my Instagram and Facebook Accounts. Then, at the appointed time, I upload a map showing when in the vicinity the Squojis are hiding. 

After that it’s a no-holds-barred scramble for who can find them first. The hunt is a game of finder’s keepers, and if you grab a squoji, you keep it! Generally there are two Squojis to find on each hunt, and the hunts are only run in Southampton at present. To find out when the next hunt is, follow my Instagram account @mrmosaicwill, or my Facebook Page All About Art. 

The Squoji™ Hall of Fame

Now and again I will run a very spontaneous hunt, and just place one somewhere. This usually happens when I take the dog for a walk, and I post pics on social media. Then it’s a matter of first to get there wins! 11 minutes from posting is the record to beat!

If you like the idea of a private squoji Hunt for you business colleagues, then head on over to the business/corporate section of the site to look at what I’ve got to offer.

Take a look at my works in progress!

If you want to get in touch or see more of my work, then the links to my Instagram, Facebook page and email are all alive and kicking.

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