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If you are here because you are interested in finding out more about the Mr. Men and superhero mosaics that I’ve been putting up all over the place, then you’re in the right place. 

First of all, I’ll happily admit that I haven’t got permission for most of them, so technically I’m defacing public and private property. I’m not at all fussed about people knowing it’s me, and I’ll keep going until I face prison or fines that I can’t afford to pay!

Most of the ’permission vague’ mosaics that I have made are just 20cm x 20cm, and there are literally dozens of these little beauties across the city of Southampton, for avid mosaic hunters to find. To make things a bit easier I’ve created a map that you can use to search for them. 

If you live too far away to find them in person, then you are welcome to have a look at all these mosaics in my street art gallery here.

My street art journey has been both eventful and exciting and if you really want to hear about the back stories, then I’ve created a coffee table style book, describing what I’ve been up to in detail.

Oh yes, I am also available to book as a guest speaker, if you want me to come and enthral an audience. I am able to pitch my stories of daring do and adventures to listeners of all ages, so if you want something a bit different at your school/office party/business event, then I’m here for you!

Community projects.

The only thing that binds a community together faster than a mosaic project, is a mosaic project with free pizza! I’ve been running mosaic-based community projects for over 15 years and the work I’ve helped various groups to produce can be found all over the place, but especially the city of Southampton. Creating large pieces of artwork that stand the test of time and that local people can be proud of, is something that really helps with relationship and esteem building. 

If you are interested in running a mosaic project for your group or community, then feel free to get in touch. I have lots of experience in grant applications and I’m happy to give you a steer about the advantages and impact that my work has on communities.

Here are some great examples of projects that I’ve run. 

Legion Close Mosaic Mural

Legion Close was a small in-fill estate owned by a Western Challenge Housing Association. On one side of the estate was a long wall that was the focus of some very problematic behaviour. The wall itself was being vandalised by young people and children, and the privately owned houses behind it were being targeted with anti-social behaviour. My brief was to engage with the residents, particularly the young people and children, come up with a design with them, and then create the art with them. 

The project was a phenomenal success and I even picked up full time volunteer who had become very isolated following a horrendous assault. 

Shirley Towers Mosaic

A number of years ago, a community group applied for some lottery money in order to have the entrance of their tower block mosaicked. The application was successful, and I worked with the group to come up with some suitable designs. The final decision was to create a mosaic on three walls, depicting the tower block and other local landmarks on one, and the four seasons on the other two.

The tower block had a community room that we used as a workshop to create the mosaics, before installing them at the entrance. 

One of the best outcomes of the project, was that I managed to engage with some teenage lads who were generally quite anti-social in their behaviour. They also got involved in the installation. 

Take a look at my works in progress!

If you want to get in touch or see more of my work, then the links to my Instagram, Facebook page and email are all alive and kicking.

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